Zero injuries! Zero Injuries is Whitesell-Green, Inc. commitment to our employees. It means that we have put our resources, training, and leadership into practice. For WGI, safety isn’t about meeting regulations or saving money, although thanks to our low accident rate, we pay significantly less in insurance premiums than other contractors. For us, safety is about one thing only: ensuring that the people who work on our projects are protected.

Whitesell Green Inc. believes that there are 5 reasons people commit unsafe acts: Complacency, Poor Training, Rule Resistance, Bad Habits, and Time Crunch. In knowing this, WGI’s focus has been on what influences our actions while we are at work and in our personal lives. We have had an overwhelming response and commitment to safety that help guide our employees to make life changes.

We work hard to earn and maintain our safety record. WGI’s insurance Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is substantially lower than the national construction industry average, confirming our approach to mitigating risk and safety works; which allows us to pass these savings along to our clients.

As a result of our commitment to the safety of our workers, WGI has been widely recognized by industry associations, insurers and clients. We have won numerous awards for safety over our 48 years of being in business: USACE Safety Achievement Awards, NAVFAC Safety Awards, and United States Army Corps Celebrate Safety Awards.

While awards and lower insurance premiums certainly validate our commitment to safety, nothing matters more than knowing we have done everything in our power to ensure that everyone on our project sites go home safely to their families every night.